This Society held its first meeting:or the season on Wcd'y, May 14, 1851. J. Gallup in the chair.

On motion, A. Mcintosh - Resolved, That we now proceed to the election of officers for the ensuing year.

On counting the ballots, the following gentlemen were declared duly elected:

President - Maj. S. II. Webb, of Newburg.

Vice Presidents - Dr. J. P. Kirtland, of Rock-port; Col. H. H. Coit. of East Cleveland; Wm. D. Beatlie, of Cleveland; Jno. Kirkpatrick, of Ohio city.

Cor. and Rec. Secretary - J. F. Hanks.

Treasurer - J. Stair.

Librarian - B. H. Stair.

Committee On Trees And Shrubs

G. Hoad-ler, J. Houghton, J. Kirkpatrick.

Comm. on Entomology - Beattie and Hanks.

Committee on Finance and Library - Young-love, Payne and Brown.

Committee on Fertilizers - Case and Cassels.

On motion, Maj. Webb - Reeohed, That Mrs.

J. Kirkpatrick, A. Mcintosh and W. W. Cua-tcad be a committee to prepare a list of premiums, to be awarded at the annual exhibition, to report at our next meeting on the 7th of June.

On motion, J. Stair - Resolved, That,in common with our fellow-citizens generally, we deplore the sudden and unexpected decease of our late worthy President, CD. Brayton, M. D., who, for many years, was an active and very efficient member of this Society; promoting largely its interests and prosperity by his presence, counsels and contributions.

Resolved, That Messrs. Webb and Hanks be a committee to present the heartfelt condolence and sympathy of this Society to Mrs. Brayton and her afflicted family.

On motion, G. Hoadley - Resolved, That Messrs. J.Stair, Webb and Hanks be authorized, should it become necessary before our next meeting, to dispose of the Horticultural Rooms, according to their best judgment.

J. F. Hanks, Sec'y.