The Society has elected the following officers and committees for 1862:

President, John W. Degrauw; Vice-Presidents, S. J. Eastman, J. A. Wallace, Lyman Burnam, R. W. Ropes, H. M. Barnes; Treasurer, J. W. Degrauw; Corresponding Secretary, C. B. Miller, 29 Broadway, N. Y.; Recording Secretary, J. C. Marin; Librarian, J. C. Sidell; Executive Committee, P. B. Mead, Geo. E. Woodward, Geo. Hamlyn; Finance Committee, Walter Park, R. W. Ropes, H. M. Barnes; Library Committee, C. B. Miller, S. B. Brophy, J. C. Sidell; Publication Committee, L. A. Roberts, Geo. E. Woodward, S. B. Brophy; Premium Committee, A. S. Fuller, E. Scott; Committee on Fruits, Geo. Gamgee, W. I. Reddy, J. Dailledouze; Committee on Plants, Andrew Bridge man, Robert Murray, G. Messelberg; Committee on Vegetables, G. Marc, A. G. Burgess, O. Zel-lar; Inspectors of Election, Geo. Ingram, Geo. Hamlyn.

The regular business meetings are held at the Athenaeum on the first Tuesday evening of each month; the conversational and exhibition meetings on the second and fourth Tuesday evenings of each month.