Of this apple, we have had from private growers, more especially at the South, very favorable accounts; and we append the several opinions of well known cultivators at a late Pomological Convention: -

Mr. Phoenix, of Illinois, observed that it was widely known at the West and South, and was a fine fruit Mr. Ernst considered it worthy of trial. Mr. Hodge had found it to succeed very well. It was fair, of good quality, and a little later than the Early Harvest. Dr. Brinckle had seen it the past season, and considered it very fine, and worthy of cultivation, Mr. Downing did not think it nearly so fine as the Early Harvest, and it was, with him, two weeks later in ripening. Mr. Negus, of Iowa, observed that it kept through the months of August and September, and was more handsome and salable than any other variety in his vicinity. Recommended as promising well".

In the Southwest, the Carolina June appears to be really earlier than Early Harvest; but it has not so proved in New York, and other places at the North, where it is from one to two weeks later, and its flavor not so good as at the South. This is, no doubt, the effect of climate, the South suiting Carolina June better than the Early Harvest, and vice versa.