In looking over half an acre of Hybrid Perpetual or Remontant Roses in bloom, last summer, with a view to selecting a couple of varieties for illustration, the Geant des Batailles (Giant of Battles), and Caroline de Sansal struck us as being worthy of the distinction. The latter variety we give this month. We have no hesitation in classing this as best among the light-colored varieties. We say this, too, after having flowered it for two years beside PauVs Victoria, which was introduced with load plaudits as a "White La Reine" This latter is a fine variety, but the flowers do not open so uniformly well as the Caroline, and they change color and drop much sooner.

The Caroline de Sansal is a very free, strong grower, almost ranking, in this respect, with Baron Prevost. The foliage is large and luxuriant The flowers are very large, double, and cupped like the old Centifolia or Cabbage Rose. The color is a pale silvery blush, with a fleshy tinge in the center, resembling very much that fine popular Bourbon Rose, Souvenir de la Malmahon. It grows and blooms equally well on its own roots and on the Manetti and other stocks in common use.

Speaking of the Manetti Rose, reminds us of the fact that, last summer, during the dry and warm weather, many varieties on their own roots dropped their foliage; while on the Manetti stock they not only continued fresh and green, but remained in blossom nearly all the season. This stock seems particularly well adapted to our warm and dry summers, as it continues to grow vigorously in all weathers to a late period in the autumn.

We intended to notice at length some of the finest Hybrid Perpetual Rosea, but must defer it at present.

Clear delicate flesh color, becoming blush; large and full.