(See frontispiece).

We present, this month, for a Frontispiece, a drawing of a comparatively new double-flowering Peach. The flower, it will be seen, is of much better form than the old kinds, and also of more brilliant color. It is an appropriate and beautiful object for a lawn. The double-flowering peach is seldom properly grown, being left mostly to take care of itself, in consequence of which the branches become naked, and the whole tree unsightly. It should never be planted except on a dry spot. Enrich the soil with old manure, spread the roots out carefully, and in filling up work the soil in between the roots with the hand. Let the tree branch within twelve or eighteen inches of the ground, and every spring cut- in at least one-third of the new growth. The effect of this will be to keep the tree compact, and well furnished with young wood and leaves, and the bloom will be more abundant. A circle round the tree should be kept free from grass and weeds, and every second year a top-dressing of old barn-yard manure may be applied with advantage. In forking this in, be careful to disturb the roots as little as possible. A spade should never be used for this or any similar purpose.

If these directions arc followed, the result will be gratifying indeed.