We observe in the grounds in front of the Patent Office, a very vigorous growth of beautiful Lawn Grass, the seeds of which were selected by the agent of the office, in London, some months ago, and sown a few weeks since. As heretofore there had been repeated failures, it was a matter of doubt whether seed suitable for Lawn Grass in this region, could be obtained; but this case at the Patent Office places it beyond question. We give this as an instance of the skillful and intelligent manner in which the office is conducted, which ought to remove any prejudices which may exist in reference to the failures which have been imputed to the seeds distributed from that source. - Washington Union.

Tea Agricultural division of the Patent Office has introduced from France the cuttings of the Zante Currant - a variety of small Grape - which have been distributed in the Middle and West-ern States. This variety of fruit, so well known as entering into the composition of some parts of domestic cookery, should it succeed will add to the numerous varieties of choice fruit which have been introduced within the last few years into our country.