It seems almost like a waste of words to repeat our caution relative to the close mowing of lawns during this month; but we have, as we sit down to write, just come from advising relative to recuperating a lawn that had become very sadly disfigured and injured, full of bare spots, foul weeds, etc., caused, as we think, by reason of a too severe close cropping during last August's hot sun and severe drought. To have a good lawn, it should be freely mown, and no matter how closely, early in the season; but as soon as the hot season comes on, the mowing should be less frequent and less close; while, during August, care should be had to rolling it often and early in the morning, while the dew is on, and the mowing high, or just so that no seed be formed. As soon as the fall rains commence, then the lawn may be closely mown again; but near the close of the season it should be left to form a growth for a winter coat of protection to the crowns of the roots. Those remarks will be found in practice just as applicable where command of water for sprinkling is had as where it is not.

The results however, will not as soon develop.