At the annual meeting of the Hartford County Horticultural Society, the following officers were chosen for the year ensuing, and it was voted that a list of the same be forwarded for publication in the Horticulturist:

President - Alfred Smith.

Vice Presidents - Win. W. Turner, Henry Mygatt.

Rec, Secretary - Gurdon W. Russell.

Cor. Secretary - John. J. Butler.

Treasurer - Erastus Smith.

Auditor - T. H. Holcomb.

Standing Committee - Wm. W. Turner, Dr. H. A. Grant, P. D. Stillman, Joseph Winship, George Beach, jr., Dr. T. S. Comstock, Dr. Gurdon W. Russell, John II. Goodwin, H. W. Terry, E. A. Whiting, Chas. P. Wells, H. L. Bid well, Charles L. Porter and Henry Affleck. Yours, ice, Gurdon W. Russel, Rec. Sec'y. Hartford, June 24, 1851.

Hartford Co. Horticultural Society #1

At the annual meeting held April 2,1859, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year;

President - Gurdon W. Russell, M.D. Vice-Presidents - J'. S. Butler, M.D., Hartford; Edward Bolles, Hartford; H. Mygatt, Farmington; N. W. Stanley, New Britain; Norman Porter, Berlin; S. Lyman, Manchester; E. A. Holcomb, Granby; H. A. Grant, M.D., Enfield; S. D. Case, Canton Centre; S. Moore, Kensington; T. C. Austin, Suffield; H. S. Collins, Collins-ville; B. F. Seward, Southington; R. H. Phelps, Windsor; S. M. Chester, Wethersfield; Sherman Steele, West Hartford; Wm. G. Comstock, East Hartford; James T. Pratt, Rocky Hill. Corresponding Secretary - D. S. Dewey. Recording Secretary - M. C. Weld. Treasurer - P. D. Stillman. Auditor - S. H. Clark.