The annual meeting of the Hartford County Horticultural Society, was held on the 3d inst, and the following officers were chosen for the ensuing year, Afred Smith Esq., the President, declining a re-election:

President - Wm. W. Turner.

Vice-Presidents - Henry Mygatt, John S. Butler, M. D.

Rec. Secretary - Gunion W. Russell.

Cor. Secretary - Thomas R. Dutton.

Treasurer - Krastus Smith.

Auditor - H. L. Bidwell.

Standing Committee - W. W. Turner, Dr. H. A. Gram, P. D. Siillmau, Joseph Winship, George Beach, jr., Dr. J. S. Conunock. Dr. Gurdon W. Russell, J. H. Goodwin, H. W. Terry, R. A. Whitney, H. L. Bidwell.Charles* L. Porter, Henry Affleck, Wm. G Comstock, Faxncis Gillette, N. W. Stanley, Daniel S. Dewey.

It was voted to continue the weekly exhibitions on Saturday, which have been veryj well attended, and arrange ments are in contemplation for a show of green house plants in May, and for a large exhibition of fruits and flowers in September.