I went to the show of the Societie Natiouale d'Horticulture de la Seine, on Saturdy, the 27th of September. It was held in a very large tent, pitched over one of the fountains in the Cliamps Elysees. I observed several, (what I thought) improvements in the way of conducting this fete. It lasted four days; my visit was on the second day, when certainly everything was fresh, and by the crowds I saw entering on the third day, it appeared not to have lost any of its attractions. Not only were fruit and Mowers exhibited, but also vegetables, artificial flowers and fruits, ornamental flower pots, gardening instruments, miniature drawing-room and boudoir fountains, for keeping bouquets fresh, and even some singing birds and gold fish. The show of green and hot-house plants was very inferior to ours, but there was great beauty and variety among the common flowers, such as Asters. Dahlias, &.c. Among yellow Picotees. we have nothing equal to show in England. The grounds of several were brighter and deeper colored than ours, with much more variety in the color and marking of the edgings. Indeed, if a little more regularity of shape could be obtained, some of them would be very striking flowers.

Why cannot we have in England, as they have now (Oct. 2) at Paris, abundance of Strawberries and Artichokes in all the markets? What struck me most was the great profusion of fine ripe Pears exhibited. While we can only obtain two or three good kinds at this season, there are at least eight or ten at Paris. L. H. Ipswich. - lb.