We have had the pleasure of examining a large collection of samples of Batavia rice-seed, just received by Mr. J. Q. A. Warren, Corresponding Member of the Royal Hawaiian Agricultural Society, to whom they were sent for distribution among the agriculturists of this coast, or, more strictly speaking, to those who will make the experiment of growing rice. The samples are thirty-four in number, and in perfect order for planting at this season of the year. Ten varieties are for dry fields, of the varieties known as padie meera (black husks), mohong, tehrong, gadok, etc. These varieties would prove an important acquisition to portions of the State where water is not always or easily available, like San Joaquin or Santa Clara counties. Twentyfour varieties are for wet fields, known as padis saria, liemar, nangka, katoembar, rod-ja, ketan ietam glutinosa, ketan odeng, etc. The names are in the East India or Hindoo language, but the varieties are all highly prized in Batavia, and ought to be experimented with, at least, in many localities, for it is an article entering largely into our home consumption, and ought in time to become one of our great staple products.

The latter varieties are well adapted for our tule lands, on the San Joaquin and Sacramento rivers, and thousands of acres could be cultivated easily and profitably if the trial could only be made. An enterprise like this ought to be encouraged, as we are informed that those desiring to make a trial in rice culture will be supplied by Mr. Warren with samples, free of charge, by addressing him by mail. The rice samples can be seen at No. 427 Sansome Street. In connection with the above, we are authorized to state that those who feel disposed to make any contributions to the Royal Hawaiian Agricultural Society, in the way of seeds, plants, etc., from our own coast, can send the same to Mr. Warren at the above address, who will forward them to their destination, and receive in return products of that clime for the liberal donors Alta California, San Francisco, Cal