Trees used in gardens of this kind must be the low-growing types with a compact habit of growth, and the shrubs also must be types which will lend themselves readily to the character of this kind of garden. It is hardly possible to define in words the exact character which the shrubbery must possess in order to be valuable for this type of planting. The trees and shrubs in this group may be used with safety, and there are many other shrubs which can be selected from other lists and used by experts.

Acer palmatum Japanese Maple

Azalea japonica Japanese Azalea

Azalea nudifiora

Pinkster Flower Cotoneaster adpressa

Creeping Cotoneaster Cotoneaster horizontalis

Prostrate Cotoneaster Deutzia gracilis

Slender Deutzia

Evonymus obovatus

Running Strawberry Bush

Hypericum moserianum

Gold-flower Lonicera spinosa alberti

Large-fruited Honeysuckle Philadelphus coronarius nanus

Dwarf Mock Orange

Rhodora canadensis Rhodora

Viburnum opulus nanum Dwarf Bush Cranberry