The following group contains plants which are not hardy when used in the Minnesota section. These plants are generally in one of three groups: the early spring-flowering types, the broad-leaved and tender evergreens, and those which ripen their wood late in the fall. As a result of years of experience in landscape planting, these types have not proved hardy, although many of them are extremely hardy when used throughout the northwestern and central portions of the United States.

Acer palmatum Japanese Maple

Akebia quinata

Five-leaved Akebia

Azalea (in variety)

Azalea Benzoin aestivale

Spice Bush

Buxus (in variety) Boxwood

Callicarpa (in variety) Mulberry

Catalpa (in variety) Indian Bean

Cercis canadensis Red-bud

Chamaecyparis (in variety)

Japanese Cypress Clethra alnifolia

Sweet Pepper Bush

Cornus florida Flowering Dogwood

Cornus kousa Japanese Dogwood

Cornus mas Cornelian Cherry

Deutzia (in variety)

Deutzia Exochorda (in variety)

Pearl Bush

Fagus sylvatica European Beech

Forsythia (in variety) Golden Bell

Halesia tetraptera Silver Bell Tree

Hibiscus (in variety) Rose of Sharon

Ilex (except verticillata) Holly

Jasminum (in variety)

Jasmine Kalmia (in variety)

Laurel Kerria (in variety)


Ligustrum (most varieties)

Privet Lonicera japonica halliana

Japanese Honeysuckle

Magnolia (in variety)

Magnolia Mahonia (in variety)

Oregon Grape Myrica (in variety)

Bayberry Prunus (most varieties)

Flowering Almonds and Cherries Rhododendron (in variety)


Taxus (in variety) Yew