The question of publishing special lists of the more standard horticultural varieties may be open to some criticism. These lists are interesting for reference. The writer has therefore compiled the following lists which may be considered, at the time of publication of this manuscript, as some of the best varieties offered by the trade. Owing to importation and hybridization, new varieties are introduced each year and, after being thoroughly tested, should be added to these lists in order to keep them up to date.

A. Lilacs.


Single: Alba Major Marie Legraye Virginalis

Princess Alexandria Frau Bertha Damann


Miss Ellen Willmott

Madame Casimir Perier

Madame Lemoine


Madame Abel Chatenay

Pink to Rosy: Single:

Gloire de Moulins



Machrostachya Double:

Emile Lemoine

M. Maxime Cornu

Belle de Nancy

Blue to Bluish Lavender: Single: Bleuatre

Caerulea superba Colmariensis


President Carnot Doyon Keteleer President Grevy

Deep Purple Red to Reddish: Single: Congo Philemon Charles X

Souvenir de Ludwig Spaeth Double:

Charles Joly

La Tour d'Auvergne

B. Peonies.


Le Cygne

Elizabeth B. Browning Kelway's Glorious Festiva Maxima Baroness Schroeder Mme. Emil Lemoine Francis Willard Albatre

Alsace Lorraine James Kelway Enchantresse Marie Lemoine

Light Pink:


Mme. Jules Dessert


Lady Alexander Duff

La France

La Fee

Martha Bullock

Mary Woodbury Shaylor

Plea's Jubilee

Sarah Bernhardt

La Fontaine

Standard Bearer

La Lorraine Mignon Elwood Pleas Marie Crousse Milton Hill Rosa Bonheur Georgiana Shaylor Loveliness Opal Grandiflora

Deep Pink:

Mons. Jules Elie Walter Faxon


Phillipe Rivoire

Karl Rosenfeld


Mary Brand


Richard Carvel

L' Etincelante (single)

Mme. Gaudichau


Solange Primevere

C. Small Flowering Trees.

Crataegus arnoldiana Large-flowering Thorn

Crataegus carrieri Carrier's Red-flowering Thorn

Crataegus cordata Washington Thorn

Crataegus mollis Red-flowering Thorn

Crataegus monogyna alba plena Double White-flowering Hawthorn

Crataegus monogyna punicea Single Pink Hawthorn

Crataegus monogyna rosea Pink-flowering Hawthorn

Crataegus monogyna rubra plena Double Red-flowering Hawthorn

Crataegus oxycantha pauli

Paul's Double Scarlet-flowering Thorn

Crataegus puntcata Large-fruited Thorn

Prunus cerasus James H. Veitch Rose-pink Flowering Cherry

Prunus persica alba plena

Double White-flowering Peach

Prunus persica rosea plena Double Rose-flowering Peach

Prunus serrulata (many forms) Japanese Flowering Cherry

Prunus sieboldi Japanese Pink-flowering Cherry

Prunus subhirtella pendula Japanese Weeping Rose-flowering Cherry

Prunus triloba Flowering Plum

Pyrus atrosanguinea Carmine-flowering Crab

Pyrus baccata

Siberian Flowering Crab

Pyrus halliana parkmani Parkman's Crab

Pyrus ioensis bechteli Bechtel's Crab

Pyrus malus niedzwetzkyana Deep Pink-flowering Crab

Pyrus pulcherrima arnoldiana Arnold's Large Rose-flowering Crab

Pyrus pulcherrima scheideckeri

Scheidecker's Semi-double Rose-flowering Crab

Pyrus sargenti

Sargent's White-flowering Crab Pyrus sieboldi

Siebold's Blush-flowering Crab Pyrus spectabilis riversi

Rivers' Semi-double Chinese Flowering Crab

Pyrus zumi Low-growing Japanese Crab

D. Roses.

a. Best Climbing Roses: (The first three have proven hardy as far north as central Ontario.)

Dorothy Perkins (Pink clusters) Baltimore Belle (Blush clusters) Prairie Queen (Bright pink clusters) Tausendschoen (Double pink)

Dr. W. Van Fleet (Semi-double light pink) Silver Moon (Semi-double white) Excelsa (Red Dorothy Perkins) Hiawatha (Single red)

American Pillar (Single pink) b. The Hardiest Garden Roses: (Tested in central Ontario and Maine.)

I. Hybrid Perpetual, Crimson and Red:

Alfred Colomb Baron de Bonstetten Eugene Furst General Jacqueminot

John Hopper Marshall P. Wilder Ulrich Brunner Prince Camille de Rohan

Gruss an Teplitz

2. Hybrid Perpetual, Pink: Paul Neyron Mrs. Sharman-Crawford Mrs. John Laing

Anna de Diesbach Magna Charta Madame Gabrielle Luizet

3. Hybrid Perpetual, White: Margaret Dickson

Madame Plantier

Frau Karl Druschki

4. Yellow Roses:

Harison's Yellow

Soleil d'Or

5. Moss Roses:

Blanche Moreau

Crested Moss

Glory of Mosses c. The best hybrid tea roses:

Duchess of Wellington (yellow to orange)

Killarney (light pink)

Kaiserin Augusta Victoria (white to lemon) Madame Ravary (orange yellow) Radiance (rose carmine) Lvon (salmon pink)

Lady Ashtown (pale rose)

Jonkheer J. L. Mock (carmine)

Gruss an Teplitz (scarlet)

Harry Kirk (sulphur yellow)

Betty (coppery rose)

Mrs. A. R. Waddell (coppery salmon)

Antoine Rivoire (flesh to cream)

Madame Jules Bouche (white to blush)

E. Broad-leaved Evergreens.

a. Rhododendrons and azaleas: