Embothrium Coccineum - Notes

See Chapter 18.

Empetrum - Notes

Nigrum and its forms scoticumrubrum and tomentosum are pretty little berried evergreens resembling Heaths, growing barely a foot high, and thriving in peaty soil in a moist place.

Enkianthus - Notes

There are several species, but only one, campanulatus, is frequently met with. It is deciduous, grows up to six feet high and has red flowers resembling Andromedas in summer. It is not fully hardy, but may be grown outdoors in mild districts. Peat and loam.

Epigaea - Notes

The only species, repens, is the Mayflower, a pretty evergreen trailer belonging to the Ericaceae, with white fragrant flowers in summer. Peaty soil, with shade and moisture.

Ercilla - Notes

Volubilis (syn. spicata) is the same as Bridgesia spicata. It is an evergreen creeper with purple flowers and might be used for walls like ivy, as it clings well. Ordinary soil.