Lavender - Notes

This fragrant evergreen is Lavandula vera spica of some botanists; alba is a white garden variety. Everybody knows lavender, which is extensively grown for making perfume, and much used by housewives as a preservative of linen. The shrub will grow in almost any soil, and bear frequent shifting. It thrives on poor limestone. Clumps of lavender should be grown in every garden. A line beside a walk will scent the air delightfully for many weeks.

Lead Plant - Notes

See Amorpha.

Leatherwood - Notes

See Dirca.

Ledum - Notes

Handsome evergreens, the best known species of which is latifolium, which grows about three feet high and has white flowers in April; angusti-folium is a narrow-leaved variety of it. Palustre, white, May, is also offered. They are peat-lovers.

Leiophyllum - Notes

Near the Ledums; L. buxi-folium is the same as Ledum buxifolium; it grows about a foot high and has white flowers in May; prostratum is a garden form. Peat.