Delavayi is a remarkable evergreen species, with very large massive leaves and cream-coloured flowers. Like grandiflora, it is suitable for a lofty wall, but is possibly less hardy and had better be planted on a sheltered wall.


Armatus is an evergreen with large toothed leaves, which are bronzy green when young and deep green when older. The flowers, which are cream-coloured and fragrant, are produced in Autumn. In this respect it resembles the well known ilicifolius, but the leaves are much larger. Delavayi is an evergreen from Yunnan, with ovate, acuminate, toothed leaves and sweet white tubular flowers in terminal clusters in early spring.

Pachysandra Terminalis

This makes a useful addition to the limited number of shrubs which will thrive under the shade of trees. It is a dwarf spreading evergreen from China and Japan. It may be grown on the rockery. The white flowers are borne in spring. There is a variegated form.


Fargesii, large white flowers; Duclouxii, white, and imperialis alba, white flowers and large velvety leaves, have been introduced from China.