Henryi is an evergreen species with glossy green leaves. Walkeri has light-green shining leaves. Delavayanum is a small-leaved evergreen from Japan.


Formosana is the Chinese Feng Tree. It is perhaps rather of botanical interest than garden value.


Chinense is described as quite distinct from the well known Tulip Tree, L. tulipifera, mainly in its flowers, which are much smaller and differ in structural details, but are of the same colour, greenish yellow. It may be expected to be quite hardy in great Britain and America.


One of the most interesting additions to the Honeysuckles is the evergreen bush species nitida, a beautiful little plant, as dense in habit as Box, indeed a mass of small shining leaves. The flowers are cream-coloured and fragrant. Pileata is a low spreading grower well suited to the rock garden, also an evergreen. Henryi is an evergreen climber, with chocolate and orange flowers followed by purplish fruits. A figure appears in the Botanical Magazine, T. 8375. Prostrata is a deciduous species of trailing habit, and therefore suitable for a bank. The creamy flowers are borne in summer. Spinosa (syn. Alberti) forms a straggling bush with clusters of lilac flowers in early summer. Heckrottii has carmine flowers, yellow on the interior. Belgica bears its yellow fragrant flowers with carmine tube on red stems; it is an evergreen. Tragophylla is an evergreen with long yellow tubular flowers, very beautiful, but not strongly scented. Giraldii has bronzy velvety leaves and violet flowers - a colour new in Honeysuckles.