A. The Bones. - Introduction as to development and structure. I. Some Affections of the Bone Marrow. II. Malformations. III. Rickets, Cretinism, etc., a disease of growing bones, caused by general ill-health. Character of lesions at ossifying cartilage and under periosteum; Deformities due to rickets in long bones, chest, vertebra;, pelvis, head. Recovery. IV. Retrograde changes, (1) Atrophy; (2) Osteomalacia or Mollities ossium. V. Inflammations - Introductory. (1) Acute and suppurative inflammations, traumatic and infective, the latter important; (2) Chronic inflammations, implying rarefaction and new-formation. VI. Hypertrophy. VII. Necrosis - Causation. The resulting lesions mainly inflammatory; separation of sequestrum; absorption of dead bone. Phosphorus-necrosis. VIII. Regeneration. (1) Healing of fractures; production and structure of callus. (2) Transplantation of bone. IX. Specific new-formations. (1) Tuberculosis; causation; lesions; including caries, cold abscess, etc.; healing of lesions. (2) Syphilis; gummata and lesions of congenital syphilis. (3) Actinomycosis. X. Spinal curvatures - Introduction. Forms of curvature, antero-posterior or lateral. XI. Tumours, chiefly exostoses and sarcomas.

B. The Joints. I. Dislocations and Misplacements, congenital forms; talipes; traumatic and spontaneous dislocations. II. Anchylosis. III. Inflammations. IV. Syphilis and Tuberculosis. V. Loose bodies.