Actinomycosis And Leprosy very rarely appear. Anthrax sometimes involves the small intestine. It occurs in wool-sorters, brush-makers, and others exposed to infection. The mucosa and submucosa show hyperemia and a hemorrhagic edema, and extensive ulceration appears. The tissues are dark colored and necrotic and the ulcers are surrounded by a zone of hemorrhagic infiltration. The adjacent lymphnodes and the spleen are enlarged; and the anthrax bacillus can be found in greatest numbers in the locality of the necrosis.

Enteromycosis refers to a condition in which there is an infection of the intestine by the eating of decayed proteid substances, as putrid meat, fish, sausages, and so on. Sometimes occurs in epidemics. The intestinal lesions vary from a mild catarrhal enteritis to a pseudo-membranous inflammation and ulceration. Is accompanied by diarrhea and depression. The symptoms, both constitutional and local, probably depend upon the action of toxins elaborated in the decaying matter rather than upon the bacteria themselves.