This is a pain about the pit of the sto-mach, often attended with anxiety, a nausea, reaching to vomit, and sometimes actual vomiting; it generally proceeds from sharp sour humours, gnawing some part of the stomach. A common heart-burning that happens in a morning, may be generally cured by drinking tea or coffee, or a decoction of camomile flowers, or a dram of orange peel in a glass of wine, made pretty hot and sweetened with sugar; likewise crabs claws prepared, or chalk, or any other absorbent powder is good to correct the acrimonious humours of the stomach; as also the lozenges, for the heart-burn, of the shops, which may be carried in the pocket and eaten at pleasure: or, "take of pre-"pared chalk half an ounce, of gum arabic twenty five "grains, of white sugar an ounce, and pour on boiling hot "water a quart; then add of spirituous cinnamon water half " an ounce; mix them." This may be drank at pleasure. When the heart-burn proceeds from a plentiful meal, give a gentle vomit; if the vomiting is begun, you must assist it with large draughts of carduus tea or warm water.

Hip-Gout, Or Sciatica, is a violent and obstinate pain in the hip, chiefly in the joint, where the head of the thigh-bone is inserted into its socket: the pain will sometimes reach as far as the lower part of the loins, to the thigh and leg, and yet no change of colour in the skin is to be seen outwardly. In the cure the patient must be purged twice a week, for fix times, with twenty or thirty grains of rhubarb, and ten grains of calomel, made up into a bolus with conserve of mallow flowers: after this is over, "boil the raspings or shavings of guai-"acum, of the bark and wood of sassafras, and of raisins "stoned, each a quarter of a pound, in a sufficient quantity of "water, for ten hours, to a gallon;" this must be for common drink: then take the following bolus every night. "Take of "cinnabar a scruple, of gum guaiacum and camphire each "five grains, of volatile salt of amber four grains, of con-"serve of wood sorrel half a dram, make them into a bolus "with syrup of balsam;" this must be continued five or fix weeks. Some put the saponaceous liniment or opodeldoc upon the part, others apply cupping glasses, and others a caustic made with a mixture of quick lime and soft soap; but the best and surest way of curing this disease, may be seen in the flying gout.