This disease is attended with tensions and windy inflations of the stomach and intestines, especially under the spurious ribs on the left fide, in which a pretty hard tumour may sometimes be perceived; besides, there are such a large train of symptoms, it would be a hard task to relate them all. There is commonly a costiveness of the body, with an uneasiness of the mind, which renders the patient distrustful, morose, fad or melancholy, with loathing of food, wringing pains of the intestines, and various disorders of the head; in short, it imitates all dis-eases, and can be known by no symptom more certainly, than a despair of recovery. The cure must be begun with laxatives or gentle purges, to cleanse the first passages, such as manna, rhubarb, tinctura facra, or Epsom salt; or the patient may take the following pill. "Take succotrine aloes and Spanish "soap of each equal parts, of thin honey enough to make "them into pills." The dose is half a dram over night, or early in the morning : all sorts of good bitters will be proper to strengthen the stomach, as also the steel medicines mentioned under the green sickness: or, " Take of filings of steel six "drams, of candied ginger an ounce, of conserve of orange-"peel three ounces, of syrup of orange peel enough to "make an electary." The dose is the quantity of a small walnut three times a day; likewise the following electary is a great strengthener: "Take of Peruvian bark an ounce and a "half, of filings of steel or colcothar of vitriol three drams, "of syrup of orange-peel enough to make an electary." The dose is the quantity of a nutmeg thrice a day. Sometimes it will be proper to bleed in the foot; or if the bleeeding piles have been stopt, leeches should be applied to the part affected, as often as the patient is troubled with a pain of the loins, or near the place from whence the eruption proceeded: in the fit, the patient should put his feet pretty deep in a warm decoction of wheat-bran and camomile-flowers, and the body, if costive, should be opened with clysters.