This is a sudden and violent purging upwards and downwards, proceeding from a convulsive contraction of the stomach and intestines, caused by a sharp caustic matter lodged therein; this often kills the patient in twenty four hours, and therefore requires the most speedy assistance : the cure consists in giving diluting liquors, and the sooner the better; therefore at first give a large quantity of warm water with oil or fresh butter or whey. While this is doing, boil a large chicken in three gallons of water, and let the patient drink large quantities of it; likewise inject emollient clysters or chicken broth. If oat-bread can be readily got, toast it as brown as coffee without burning, and make a coffee-coloured decoction with it; this may be drank as soon as it can be got ready, and will come in after the water and oil. If the patient is exhausted, he must drink a large draught of the decoction as soon as possible; and when the nausea is a little settled, two thirds of a grain of opium. If the patient is convulsed and the extremities cod, give twenty five drops of liquid laudanum in an ounce of strong cinnamon water, afterwards an equal quantity of wine and of the decoction; and afterwards the decoction itself to quench thirst: to prevent a relapse, repeat the opiate for some days morning and evening.

Urine, made too often, and in too great a quantity. This is called a Diabetes, which produces a gradual failure of the strength, a wasting of body, and a draining away of its sub-stance; there is likewise a thirst, a heat of the bowels, a swelling of the loins and hips, and the spittle is frothy. The Bristol water is very useful to cure this disorder; as also the following whey: "Take two quarts of milk and boil it a "little, then add half an ounce of alum; take off the curd:" a quartern of this taken three or four times a day will seldom fail to cure this troublesome disorder.

Urine, difficulty of If this proceeds from a spasm or cramp of the neck of the bladder, oil of sweet almonds, poppy or linseed oil may be given inwardly, a spoonful at a time, gentle opiates, if the disease requires them: when the spasm is caused by sharpness of urine, give laxatives to open the body, and the powder of crabs claws, or diaphoretic antimony; the dose is half a dram, the decoction of mallows, or the syrup of marsh mallows. When the difficulty proceeds from blood in the neck of the bladder, it must be dissolved with tea made With ground ivy, or male speedwel, or with diuretic salt, the dose is from half a dram to a dram: in the mean while apply hot roasted onions to the region of the pubes, and give a clyster of camomile flowers boiled in milk; if they fail, a catheter must be introduced into the neck of the bladder. When there is a difficulty of urine of pregnant women, the best remedy is to ease the pressure on the part.