The Symptoms of Acute Inflammation Of The Stomach, or Gastritis

Pain and heat at the pit of the stomach, pain increased by pressure; great nausea, with violent retching and vomiting; great thirst; desire for cold drinks, which are vomited as soon as swallowed; high fever and rapid pulse; quick breathing; bowels constipated; urine scanty and high-colored; tongue white and heavily coated; great prostration.

The Causes of Acute Inflammation Of The Stomach, or Gastritis

This disease rarely occurs except when produced by poisons taken into the stomach as by swallowing mineral poisons, -alkalies, antimony, arsenic, etc. Cases have occurred in which gastritis was produced by taking boiling liquids into the stomach. Probably the most common cause is the use of alcoholic stimulants taken on an empty stomach. We have also seen it produced by eating animal food or excessive quantities of food when convalescing from a fever. It is a frequent accompaniment of delirium tremens. The disease is a very serious one indeed, and not infrequently ends fatally.