The Symptoms of Hemorrhage From The Kidneys

Bloody urine, which coagulates when heated; bleeding excited by exercise; dots in the urine.

This disease cannot always be positively distinguished from hemorrhage of the bladder and other parts of the urinary organs, unless symptoms of suppression of the urine occur, such as nausea, vomiting, convulsions, or dropsy, as sometimes happens in consequence of the blocking up of the tubes of the kidneys with clots. As a general rule, however, clots are more frequent and abundant in hemorrhage from the bladder than in hemorrhage from the kidneys.

The Causes of Hemorrhage From The Kidneys

Hemorrhage from the kidneys may be the result of accident, gravel in the pelvis of the kidneys, congestion, or renal apoplexy.

The Treatment of Hemorrhage From The Kidneys

Apply cold over the region of the kidneys by means of ice compresses, or cloths wrung out of cold water. The cold sitz bath, and injections of cold water into the bladder, are also useful measures of treatment. In severe cases it may be necessary to inject a mild solution of tannin. The patient should be kept very quiet. Heat should be applied to the extremities. The patient should receive tonic treatment and a very nourishing diet after the hemorrhage has ceased.