The womb is subject to various morbid growths, the symptoms of which are very similar to those of chronic congestion. In many cases a person suffering with uterine tumors knows nothing of the real nature of the difficulty until after consultation with a competent physician. Among the numerous kinds of malign and malignant growths which are found in this organ, we will mention only polypus, fibroid tumors, and cancer. If the patient suffers continually with menorrhagia, leucorrhoea, dysmenorrhoea, and continual bearing-down pains, she should at once consult an intelligent physician, for the purpose of ascertaining the exact local condition.

The most common tumors of the uterus are polypi. These are often very small, but sometimes attain quite considerable size. We have frequently found them present when the patient had no suspicion whatever of their existence; and by means of a surgical operation for their removal, have relieved the patient of a great amount of suffering. The various forms of fibrous cystic, and fibro-cystic tumors which affect the uterus, afford the most experienced gynecologist ample scope for the exercise of his greatest skill.

Recent advances in this department of surgery render it possible to cure in many cases of this kind what was formerly thought incurable. Malignant disease of the uterus is the most hopeless of all affections of this kind. It is generally not discovered until after it has progressed to a considerable degree of development, when the most that can be done is to delay its progress, and relieve the sufferings of the patient.