Small growths sometimes appear upon the eyelids, particularly near the edge. One form, known as chalazion, is due to obstruction of the duct of a meibomian gland in consequence of inflammation, which results in the accumulation of the fatty secretion. These tumors are generally about the size of a pea. They are most manifest on the inner surface of the lid, lying just beneath the mucous membrane. They are most often found in the upper lid. Another form of tumor, known as milium, is situated at the edge of the lid. Generally quite a number are found, each about the size of a millet seed. Other tumors, as sebaceous tumors, warts, fatty tumors, fibrous tumors, etc., as well as cancer, are sometimes found upon the eyelids.

The Treatment of Tumors of the Eyelids

All these abnormal growths are best treated by removal by a surgical operation. In many cases, the little white tumors which appear along the edge may be cured by simply pricking with a needle and squeezing out the contents