When present, this symptom is sometimes very troublesome. If there is evidence from other symptoms that there is something in the stomach which needs to be expelled, the efforts of nature should be encouraged by copious draughts of tepid or milk-warm water, which will lessen the painful retching, as well as secure thorough emptying of the stomach. When the matters vomited give no evidence of sourness or decomposition, and the symptom is evi dently due to nervous conditions or to an irritable state of the stomach, a few sips of hot water will usually afford relief, especially if coupled with a hot fomentation over the stomach. In cases which are not thus relieved, ice pills, or small sips of iced water, with cold to the stomach and warm to the spine, will almost always succeed. In bilious vomiting, when the matters vomited are of a green color, mild acids, as lemon or lime juice, will be found excellent, sometimes giving almost instant relief. The same remedies recommended as palliatives of vomiting are the proper remedies for nausea. Sometimes electricity will give prompt relief when all other measures fail.