Too frequent or excessive, especially if about the head, vesicular blisters with albuminous contents, tubercles on the skin.

Calcarea Sulph

Scald-head of children, if there be purulent discharges or yellow purulent crusts, festers, etc. Pimples, if matter forms on their heads, pustules, nodules, suppurating purulent scabs, suppuration of the skin, sores discharging pus or sanious matter. Herpetic eruptions, all over itching of soles.


Discharging pus.

Calcarea Fluor

Chaps, cracks of the skin, also use externally with vaseline, fissures in the palms of the hands, fissures of the anus, homy skin, suppurations with callous, hard edges. Carbuncles.


Due to venous hypeneinia, worse in damp weather, better at night. Squamous eczema with thickening and cracking of the skin. Eczema of anus consequent to hemorrhoids.

Clinical Cases

Eczema in a child, on cheeks, chin and behind tarn, skin swollen and inflamed and underneath it indurations. Pustules developed early, cured in one week by kali mar. 6x, every four hours. (,D. B. Whit tier. M. D).

Dr. H. Goullon reports in the pop. Zeit. fur Horn., April, 1885, a case of cycosis cured by Calcarea sutph.6 the case presented the yellow purulent conditions calling for this remedy.

Dr. S. writes: Mrs. S., set. 24, of Regeusburg, who had been suffering for several years from lichen, had used various well-known medicines, which had done her no good. I tried various remedies, and at last cured her. A few months ago she came again, and the lichen was worse than ever. My former remedy had no effect; and with several others, Arsen., etc., it was no better. I gave her Cahurca sulph., night and morning, in quantities as large as a bean, and in a fortnight the curt was complete. (From Schussier).

Case illustrative of the beneficial . in pemphigus foliaceus. - Allg. Hom. Zeit., l882.

Julia C, aet. 3, eruption all over the face and on the hands, which are kept covered to prevent scratching; has been afflicted eight months and been under the best allopathic treatment without benefit. Gave her at first Kali mur6, in solution. This remedy was continued for some time, but without much benefit, if any. Gave her then Calcarea phos5. in solution. This remedy produced a change for the better in a week, and it being continued cured the case in two months. The beat of the following summer seemed to produce a relapse, when the same remedy again cured it, and she remains well. (C. T. M. |

Case of skin disease lasting for years, consisting of a recurring eruption of fine red pimples, and, when very severe, the pimples run together, the surface presenting a red swollen appearance, a strong alkaline fluid oozes out copiously; after this exudation the inflammation subsides, and the cuticle comes off in fine scales. Eruption itches and stings intensely, and although formerly relieved by cold water the irritation has become relieved lately by heat. He has also used Acetic acid, except on the face, which allayed the itching and redness. He has taken in the last year Fowler's solution of Arsenic, but without relief. The attacks are worse in the fall and spring, and the eruption is mostly on the face, arms and chest. Constipation is present. After using Kali sulph. a few days, commenced having boils and had a great many, after which the skin was better than it had been for years, bowels also better.

In another case, a great deal worse, having lasted twenty-five years, the scaly eruption, mostly on arms, relieved by hot water, entirely disappeared, but returned a year after, when the same remedy in repeated doses of the 30th, finally the 200th, brought relief. (C. Hg).

Kali mur.12, given for gleet, the discharge having a milky appearance, produced no visible effects upon the flow, but increased very markedly the dandruff on the head, which fell in small white flakes over the coat-cul!ar. accompanied by itching. (W. P. Wesselhceft, M. D. From Hg).

Lady, blonde, aet. 20, fair skin ordinarily. Consulted the writer for erythema. For two days cheeks were swollen, fiery-red, and burnt like fire, no itching, eruption or roughness. One dose Ferrum phos., M. M. (Swam). In thirty minutes the burning fiery redness was gone, and there was no return, the cure being perfect, (Boardman, London Hamoeopathic World, 1883).

Case which had suffered from effects of ivy poisoning (Rhus tox) for eight months. Was formerly treated by external remedies, hut has repeatedly broken out again with small, hard herpetic vesicles, forming into a thin scab, with itching and some moisture. The eruption appeal's in the left axilla, about the neck and on the backs of both hands. She has a sensation of faintness at stomach and befogged feeling in head, fearing to lose her reason. Very vivid dreams. Sulphur, Rhus and Sepia had no beneficial effect. Two doses of Kali sulph.12, taken in water morning and evening for four days, cured the case in four weeks. (W. P. Wesselhceft, M. D. From Hg).

Case presenting the following symptoms: Bald spot as large as a silver dollar on left side of the head. Hair falls out easily when combing, all over the head, also of beard. Came on after gonorrhoea a year ago, and has probably taken much potash. Lycop., Natrum mur., wire of no avail during four or five months. After taking Kali sulph.12, every third day a powder for three weeks, the hair ceased falling, and the bald spot is covered with hair. (W. P. Wesselhceft. M. D. From Hg).

Th. aet. 15, thick crop of papules on forehead, face and both hands, red looking, itches and bunts in daytime only. The spots on forehead are much worse when he takes off his hat. Not at all annoyed in the evening when warm, or at night. The entire eruption vanished in less than a fortnight under Silicea300. (R. A. Cooper).