A Tula weight * (twelve seers and a half) of the following drugs, viz. Das'a-mula, Danti, Chitraka and Haritaki should be boiled with four Drona measures of water till reduced to one quarter part (one Drona). The decoction, thus prepared, should be cooled down, filtered, mixed with a Tulá measure of treacle and preserved into a receptacle which formerly contained clarified butter, which should then be kept buried for a month in a heap of unthrashed barley At the close of this period an adequate dose of this preparation should be given to the patient every morning. This medicine proves beneficial in cases of haemorrhoids, chronic diarrhoea (Grahani), jaundice, obstinate constipation of the bowels (Udávartta) and in an aversion to food. It is also a good stomachic agent.


Two Pala weight of each of the following drugs, viz., Pippali, Maricha, Vidanga, Elaváluká and Lodkra, five ‡ Pala weight of Indra-váruni, ten Pala weight of the inner pulps of the Kapittha fruit, half a Prastha measure (one Prastha is equal to two seers) of Haritaki and one Prastha weight of Amalaki, boiled together with four Drona measures of water until reduced to one quarter of its quantity. This decoction should be filtered (through a piece of linen) and cooled down, after which two Tula weight of treacle should be added to it. The whole preparation should be then kept in a receptacle which formerly contained clarified butter, and be kept buried half a month in a heap of unthrashed barley. After the lapse of the said period, the patient should be made to drink (an adequate quantity of) this preparation every morning according to his strength. This Arishta proves curative in cases of an enlarged spleen, impaired digestion, chronic diarrhoea (Grahani), Ars'as, heart-disease, jaundice, cutaneous affection, ascites, Gulma, oedema (Sopha), and worms in the intestines, and improves the strength and complexion of the body. 14

* Some are of opinion that one Tula weight of each of the drugs should be taken; but Gayadása does not say so.

Charaka also reads this under the name of Abháyarishta.

‡ Experienced physicians recommend two and a half Pala weight of Indra-Váruni in lieu of five Palas for its astringent taste. Charaka, however, recomrnepds only "half a Pala."

Anointing (Sneha-karma), fomentation, use of emetics and purgatives and the application of Anuvásana and Asthápana measures should be employed in cases of haemorrhoids due to the action of the deranged Váyu *. The use of purgatives is recommended in the Pittaja type; soothing or pacifying (Samsamana) measures in the Raktaja type; and S'ringavera and Kulattha in the type caused by the action of the deranged Kapha. All the preceding remedies should be combinedly employed when the concerted action of all the Doshas would be detected. As an alternative, milk boiled with the proper drugs may be administered in every case. 15.