Acids Of Minor Therapeutic Importance. DILUTE ACETIC, refrigerant and astringent, 30 I; CAMPHORIC, antiseptic in cystitis, gonorrhea, etc., IS gr.; CITRIC, antiscorbutic and refrigerant, 7 gr.; HYDROCYANIC, antispasmodic in small doses (see Amygdalus persica); LACTIC, caustic applied 50 to 80%; internally in dyspepsia, diarrhea, and diabetes, 15 to 30 I, well diluted; DILUTE NITROHYDROCHLORIC, in jaundice, biliary calculi, etc., 15 I, well diluted; OXALIC, emmenagogue and sedative, 1/2 gr.; SULPHURIC (aromatic), 15 I, diluted; TANNIC, astringent and styptic, 5 to 10 gr. styptic collodion, 20% tannic acid, glycerite and ointment the same; TARTARIC, refrigerant and antiscorbutic, 10 gr. ; TRICHLORACETIC, escharotic, astringent, and hemostatic; used to remove venereal and other warts, n<evi, pigment patches, papillomata, etc. (full strength). As astringent and hemostatic, I to 3 % solution.