Berberis Aquifolium stimulates the glandular structures generally, but especially those of the digestive tract. It is a valuable tonic alterative, and probably the best vegetable alterative in scaly and pustular diseases of the skin. It is a useful remedy to clear and soften the complexion in young women, and is employed with success in glandular indurations and ulcerations. Dose, f.e. or ec. tr., 5 to 15 I when an action upon the skin or glandular tissues upon the surface is desired. The salts of berberine are to be preferred to it as antiperiodics. Berberis combines well with other vegetable alteratives, but not with potassium iodide. In small doses we get the primary action of berberis, which is upon the biliary and urinary tracts. It is useful in soreness of the lumbar region accompanied by turbid urine, and in subacute diseases of the liver of an atonic character, intestinal indigestion, and in convalescence from acute diseases of the digestive tract. (F.e. or ec. tr., 2 I.)