Chamomilla, Matricaria chamomilla. This is the German chamomile, and is in every way much superior to the Roman chamomile or anthemis nobilis. This plant is widely employed by the physicians of Germany and by German people in this country. Our physicians have never appreciated it as it deserves, because they have given it in altogether too large a dose and because they have so often used the inferior Roman chamomile. In small doses celandine is of considerable utility in the treatment of functional inactivity of the liver and sluggishness of the portal circulation with the long chain of direct and reflex symptoms engendered by such conditions. It is of value in jaundice and in conditions of alternating constipation and diarrhea. Its usefulness in the treatment of biliary calculi is well established. Constant pain under the inferior angle of the right scapula usually calls for celandine. It is a useful remedy if long enough continued. I get good results from 2 or 3 I. doses of the ec. tr., and use it in alternation with sodium phosphate.