Cinnamomum Zeylanicum, U. S. P. True Ceylon Cinnamon. The official tincture is not the true cinnamon. Ec. tr. is a tincture of true Ceylon cinnamon. The true oil is also to be obtained, but is expensive. Oil and tincture of cassia or of saigon cinnamon is very inferior in therapeutic activity. The true oil is not official. The true cinnamon is a most valuable agent in all passive hemorrhages, and particularly in uterine hemorrhage. It markedly tones the muscular structure of the womb and causes tonic contraction. Give of ec. tr. cinnamomum 10 to 30 ., or of the true oil I or 2 I. Equal parts oil of cinnamon and oil of erigeron in 3 to 5 I. doses upon loaf sugar is effective in passive hemorrhage. Cinnamon given in alternation with ergot gives better results in pulmonary hemorrhage and postpartum hemorrhage than does ergot alone.