Granatum, Pomegranate Bark. Employed as a vermifuge for the expulsion of tapeworm. Macerate 2 ounces of the bark in a quart of water for one day and night, and then boil down to 1 pint. After a day's fast the patient can take this in four portions an hour apart. Follow with a laxative if necessary. Pelletierine, as derived from pomegranate, is effective in doses of from 1-5 to 1/2 gr., and the tannate of pelletierine, 5 to 15 gr., for an adult. Some authorities claim 5 gr. doses to be sufficient.

In small doses of the tincture or fluidextract this agent has been recommended in salivation. The mouth and throat may also be gargled with a decoction of the bark. It tends much to the comfort of the patient even if it does fail to cure.