Plumbum, Lead Acetate, used externally in conjunctivitis and gonorrhea (I - 5 to I % solution), and sometimes in the diarrhea of tuberculosis in I or 2 gr. doses. The IX to 3x are used in enteralgia and muscular and intestinal cramps. The Liq. Plumbi subacetatis is used in moist eczema, pruritus, and other affections. Iodidum, used externally, in I0 to 20% ointments, in indolent ulcers, swollen glands, etc. Internally, as an alterative in doses of 1/2 gr. in indurated glands, arterio-sclerosis, and spinal cord degenerations. Reduce dose to 1-10 gr. after first few days. Nitras, used in 5% ointment in cracked nipples, chapped lips, etc. Plumbum metallicum, in 3x to 6x, is used in sclerotic conditions, tremor paralyses, and muscular atrophies. Possibly it may do good, but I would advise caution.