Podophyllum. In large doses (5 to I5 gr; resin, 1/4 to 1/2 gr.). It has been unwisely recommended in doses as high as I 1/2 gr. of the resin. The brown resin is to be preferred to the yellow, since it does not gripe so much. Large doses are hydrogogue cathartic. There is really no reason for employing podophyllum itself, since its resin (Resina podophylli) so well represents it. In malarial regions and with phlegmatic persons these large doses are indicated, but it is a mistake to give large doses to nervous, high-strung individuals. It looks simple enough in the books, and quite innocent at that, but, as a matter of fact, these large doses are apt to make a city dweller so sick that he will hunt another doctor. However, large doses are often of marked value in the removal of small gallstones. Give 1/2 gr. doses, and follow with as much olive oil as the patient will take. The griping and nausea of large doses are not so marked if it is combined with leptandrin and small quantities of ipecac. When a decided laxative but not a cholagogue effect is desired, 1/8 gr. doses are indicated.

In small doses. It has been noted that triturations of the resin act much more comfortably than does the crude resin. I can highly recommend the 2x trituration. Small doses of it suffice for young children, and one does not fear overdoing the dose, while a I gr. tablet of the 2X every half hour until ten are given is an admirable way to give it to adults. We do give calomel that way. These small 1-100 gr. doses of the triturated resin are indicated in inactive conditions of the digestive tract with a dirty yellow coating at the base of the tongue, sluggish circulation, and abdominal torpor. Conditions of constipation with so-called biliousness and jaundice, more especially if chronic, are really more permanently relieved by small doses than by large ones. Besides that, these continued doses are alterative. All in all, small doses of podophyllin cover a great many cases, and in the rational use of it here suggested is not apt to nauseate.