Strontii Bromidum. This most excellent drug is now official, and is distinctly less irritating than is potassium bromide. It is nerve sedative, while its influence upon circulation and the gastro-intestinal tract is most kindly. Germain-See highly commends it in fermentative dyspepsia. It is also employed in nephritis. Average dose, I5 gr. The CARBONATE is employed in very small doses by the homeopaths in affections of the bones and joints associated with or caused by rheumatism and sprains. The IODIDE is official, and is used like potassium iodide. The LACTATE is highly commended in albuminuria in 5 to I5 gr. doses. The SALICYLATE is official, and the average dose is I5 gr. Strontium salts promise to largely displace the much more irritating salts of potassium.