Quebracho, Aspidosperma. Mariasi y Larrion, who has investigated quebracho, says of it: "The principal action of this drug is to cause a diminution of the number of pulse-beats per minute and lessen the frequency of the respiratory act." The homeopaths use it as we do, but prefer the 2x and 3x trituration of the alkaloid, aspidospermine. Full doses of it are given by some (1/4 to 1/2 gr.). The fluidextract is representative, and is used in doses of I0 to 60 I. In large doses it possesses some value in malarial fever, and is so used in South America. The fluidextract, in 15 I. doses, is of value in dyspnea due to asthma or heart disease, asthma with emphysema, uremic asthma, and dyspnea due to fatty degeneration of the heart. Hale calls it "the digitalis of the lungs." It is a safe remedy, and prompt in action.