This disease is sometimes called Spasmodic Croup or False Croup. It consist of spasms of the glottis and windpipe, and occurs during the night. It commences with a spasmodic inspiration, accompanied with a crowing noise; if the fit continues, the face and extremities become purple, and there may be also spasmodic constriction of the muscles of the extremities.

Ipecac. should be given immediately, especially if the attack has been occasioned by indigestible food, and where there are spasmodic constriction and symptoms of suffocation, and rattling in the chest, with anxious respiration, cramps, or rigidity of the frame.


One drop in a tumbler half full of water, a teaspoonful at a dose; or a powder, or three globules on the tongue, given every ten or fifteen minutes.

Sambucus should follow, or be alternated with Ipecac, if there is ineffectual inclination to sleep, with oppressed respiration, and wheezing, convulsive efforts for breath, livid hue of the face and agonizing tossings.


Same as Ipecac.

Arsenic may be given where there is great prostration of strength, anguish, and cold perspiration. If these remedies fail, Cuprum or Belladonna may be indicated.