Constipation in infants generally arises from an improper manner of living, either of the nurse or child. The bowels should be evacuated at least once a day, and if they are delayed longer than this, it will be necessary to assist nature. Frequently entire relief may be obtained by changing the food of the mother or nurse, but if remedies are necessary for the child, Nux-v., Bryonia, Opium or Sulphur may be given morning and night, changing the remedy if it seems to have produced no effect in two or three days. Cathartics should never be used but when it is necessary to obtain a speedy movement from the bowels, it may be done by means of an injection, consisting of a small piece of soap, dissolved in a little tepid water.


A powder, six globules, or one drop, dissolved in a glass half-full of water; a teaspoonful given at a dose.