Healthy infants usually have three or four, and sometimes five or six movements in a day; should the discharges become more frequent than this, be unnatural in color, and attended with more or less pain, one of the following remedies may be given:

Chamomilla, where the diarrhoea is of a greenish, watery, bilious, yellowish or frothy character, sometimes looking like beaten up eggs, and having an offensive smell; and where it is attended with colic, crying, and restlessness.


Sour-smelling discharges; colic and straining before and after the discharges.


If it arises from overloading the stomach, or is accompanied with nausea and vomiting.


Small and frequent evacuations; great restlessness, disposition to sleep, and frequent starts.


When the result of a cold.

When accompanied with considerable flatulence: Nux-v. or Pulsatilla.

When it occurs in the heat of the summer: Ipecac., Nux-v. or Bryonia.


Six globules or one drop of the selected remedy in a glass half-full of water, a teaspoonful once in two or three hours.