This, when of long continuance is often occasioned by a too great prominence of the eye-ball, and may frequently be entirely removed by gently pressing it with the finger daily, so that it gradually assumes the more flat or natural form. In aged persons and even in others, debilitated by disease, where the sight is weakened, the eye may be too flat, and with the finger gently compressing the ball not unfrequently the original prominence is given to the eye, and the natural sight restored.

The prominent remedies in short-sightedness are, Puls., Sulph., Phos.-ac., Nit.-ac. and Carb.-v.

When occasioned by ophthalmia, Pulsatilla or Sulphur may be given every other night; when caused by abuse of Mercury: Carb.-ac, or Nit.-ac., and from debilitating losses, Phos.-ac., in the manner indicated above.


Same as in "Watery eyes, or weeping."