This fever, unless the forerunner of some other disease, is exceeding simple in its character, generally terminating in the course of two or three days and often running its entire course in twenty-four hours. It is generally occasioned by sudden change of temperature, or undue exposure to heat or cold.


A sensation of shivering, followed by heat; thirst, quick pulse, and often an aching sensation in the head and limbs.


Aconite. Two drops may be mixed in a tumbler of water, and a tablespoonful administered every two hours, the patient remaining quiet, and covered up in bed; perspiration will as a general thing be produced in a few hours, and the patient be entirely relieved in twenty-four hours, unless some other disease should be developed, such as scarlatina, measles, etc.

Should there be soreness of the throat, aching of the head and limbs, Belladonna may be given in alternation with the Aconite, and prepared in the same manner, a dose of each every four hours.