A swelling or ulceration of the meibomian glands, situated in the margin of the eyelid, is called a stye. This difficulty is exceedingly annoying, but of short duration.

On the first appearance of the swelling, Pulsatilla is the prominent remedy, a dose three times a day. Should however ulceration take place, a powder, or three globules of Mercury may be alternated with the same amount of Hepar-s., one dose of each during the day.

In these cases I have found great benefit in slightly touching the stye, twice a day, with a very little mild Citrine ointment, obtained at the druggists. Be careful not to let it get into the eye.

For a predisposition to these swellings, or where they present a hardened appearance, Staph., Calc, or Sulph. may be given one dose, or six globules, each day.