Bromol is a compound of bromide and carbolic acid. It is in the form of soft, white needles, and is prepared by treating phenol or carbolic acid with an excess of bromine in aqueous solution.

Medical Properties And Therapeutic Uses

Bromol possesses strong antiseptic properties, and at the same time is non-toxic. Rademaker recommends it for external use, either dissolved in olive oil (1 in 30) or mixed with vaseline (4 in 40). It may also be employed in the form of powder like iodoform, for sprinkling in wounds.

It is also used internally in cholera infantum, typhoid fever, etc., etc.


For internal administration, the dose of bromol is from 1/21 to 1/4 grain.

Dental Uses

The uses of bromol in dental practice are the same as iodol, iodoform and other antiseptics. Good results have been obtained by its application to teeth affected with alveolar abscess and gangrenous pulps.