Acidi carbolici . . . gtt.x



Apply on palate of mouth with a soft brush 3 times a day.

Signa 447Signa 448

For Inhalation in Syphilitic Ulcerations.

Acidi carbolici . . .

Aquae destillatae . . Signa. - Inhale the vapor. Antiseptic.

Signa 449Signa 450

A Stimulant and Antiseptic Injection.

Acidi carbolici ... I part

Glycerini..... 30 parts.M.

Useful as an injection in chronic forms of alveolar abscess.

Signa 451

For Odontalgia.

Acidi carbolici,


Liquid opii,

Vel morphine hydrochloratis.....aa

Tincturae Benzoini Signa

Apply to exposed surface of pulp, on cotton.

Tincturae Benzoini Signa 452Tincturae Benzoini Signa 453

A Stimulant and Antiseptic Lotion or Injection.

Percy Boulton.

Acidi carbolici . . .

Tincturae iodi . . .


Aquae destillatae . . For inflamed mucous membrane, and an injection for chronic alveolar abscess; also useful in acute abscess after the use of more powerful escha-rotic and antiseptic agents.

Tincturae Benzoini Signa 454Tincturae Benzoini Signa 455

For Itching of the Skin. Acidi carbolici ....


Aquae rosae . . . Signa. - To be applied by means of a sponge.

Tincturae Benzoini Signa 456Tincturae Benzoini Signa 457

The following preparation is recommended for the relief of odontalgia, by Dr. K. W. Millican: -

"Melt white wax or spermaceti, two parts, and when melted add carbolic acid crystals, one part, and chloral hydrate crystals, two parts; stir well till dissolved. While still liquid, immerse thin layers of carbolized absorbent cotton-wool, and allow them to dry. When required for use, a small piece may be cut off and slightly warmed, when it can be inserted into the carious cavity of the tooth, where it will solidify."

For Alveolar Pyorrhoea (Riggs' Disease).

Acidi carbolici . . .

Spts. vini rectif . . .

Aq. menthae pip. . .

01. anisi.....

01. cinnamon . . .


Apply to gum with camel's-hair brush.

Signa 458Signa 459

An Antiseptic and Disinfectant Dentifrice.

J. Stocken.

Acidi carbolici . . . Pulvisossis sepiae . . Pulvisradicis iridis Creta Preparatae . . Olei caiyophylli . .

For a Carbolized Styptic.

Acidi carbolici . . . x parts

Collodii...... c parts

Acidi tannici .... v parts

Acidi benzoici . . . v parts M.

It coagulates blood and albumen, and cicatrizes the tissues.

Signa 460Signa 461Signa 462

For Chilblains. Acidi carbolici . . . Tincturae iodi , . . Acidi tannici .... Cerate Simplicis . . Fiat unguentum.

Signa 463Signa 464

For Odontalgia.

Collodii (flexile) . . Acidi carbolici . . . Signa. - Apply to surface of exposed and painful pulp.

Signa 465Signa 466

For Odontalgia.

Acidi carbolici . . . Morphinae acetatis . . gr.xx. M. Signa. - Apply to surface of exposed pulp, on cotton.

Dressing for Root-Canals and


Dr. G. V. Black.

Acidi carbolici . . . I part Oleum cassiae ... 2 parts Oleum gaultheriae . . 3 parts M.

Dressing for Children's Teeth.

Dr. L. L. Davis. Acidi carbolici (cryst.) Oleum cassiae . . .



It quickly relieves pain, and does not nauseate.

Signa 467Signa 468Signa 469Signa 470Signa 471

For pain after Extraction.

First wash out cavity with phenol-sodique, then apply on a loosely rolled pellet of cotton the following:

Acid. carbolici glacial.............

Liq. potassae.................


Signa 472Signa 473