IV. Arrangement By Therapeutic Effect

IV Arrangement By Therapeutic Effect. This is possibly the least difficult and most useful to the average physician. In a way it is scientific, but since many medicines possess more than one property with the same or varying dosage, it often becomes more or less confusing as to the group to which such should be assigned; then again this system has become somewhat flexible and lacking in perfect uniformity through the preferences of those giving it prior sanction. Thus all drugs may be placed into a dozen general classes, each with many subdivisions: those acting on protoplasm, muscle, nerves, spinal cord, brain, special senses, reproduction, circulation, digestive system, tissue-changes, excretion, generative system; or with no less equity the same number may be retained, but in substance somewhat modified, thus: drugs acting upon organisms, blood, cardiac mechanism, vessels, skin, urinary system, bodily heat, respiration, digestive apparatus, nervous and muscular systems, organs of generation, metabolism; or again the general classes may be omitted, simply using the names descriptive of the various therapeutic effects, arranged alphabetically, or according to real or fancied importance. From its universal favor and the usage of its terms throughout this work, we give yet another modification which has some advantages.