A crystalline metal. In its crude state it is impure.

Preparation. Bismuthum Purificatum.

B.P. Bismuthum Purificatum. Purified Bismuth. Characters. - A crystalline metal of a greyish-white colour, with a distinct roseate tinge. Specific gravity 9.83.

Solubility and Reactions. - Dissolved in a mixture of equal volumes of nitric acid and distilled water, it forms a solution which by evaporation yields colourless crystals, that are decomposed on the addition of water, giving a white precipitate.

Preparation. - By fusing with cyanide and carbonate of potassium, carbonate of sodium and sulphur.

Impurities. - Arsenic, iron, copper, cadmium, lead, antimony.

Test. - If the mother liquor from which the crystals have been separated be evaporated with hydrochloric acid until all the nitric acid is dissipated, a little of the product yields no evidence of arsenium on being examined by the hydrogen test commonly known as Marsh's Test; no blue coloration on adding water and excess of ammonia (no copper), and no precipitate on filtering and saturating the ammoniacal filtrate with nitric acid (no tin or cadmium); no white precipitate with diluted sulphuric acid (no lead); no red or black precipitate with sulphite of sodium (no selenium nor tellurium); no blue precipitate with ferrocyanide of potassium (no iron).

Preparations containing Bismuth.


Bismuthi Carbonas. „ Subnitras.

Liquor Bismuthi et Ammonii Citratis. Trochisci Bismuthi.


Bismuthi Carbonas. ,, Citras. „ Subnitras.