Guaiacum resin, 4 oz.; aromatic spirit of ammonia, to 1 pint (B.P.). Guaiacum, 20; aromatic spirit of ammonia, 100 (U.S.P.).

Action. - It causes a burning sensation in the mouth and throat when given in small doses. Large doses cause vomiting and purging. When absorbed it acts as a stimulant, an alterative, and a diuretic.

Uses. - It is employed in the treatment of tonsillitis, Mistura

Guaiaci being in my experience more efficacious than the am-moniated tincture. Others prefer the simple powder, as it remains longer applied to the tonsils and pharynx, and it may be given in lozenges containing 2 grains each, and flavoured with red currant. It is also used in chronic rheumatism. It has been used in the treatment of gout and syphilitic periosteal diseases.